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Water Wars: Ocklawaha, Rodman dam are flash points

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There's a history lesson, but the history is ebbing from memory. And the lesson couldn't be more relevant.

The Ocklawaha used to be one of Florida's biggest tourist attractions, and then one of its most ambitious economic projects, and then, some say, one of its most disgraceful environmental tragedies.

Now, this tributary of the St. Johns River has become a flash point in the debate over C -

Water Wars

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The Economist discusses the dynamics behind them. Cheap arms make it easier to kill over water, global warming is making water more scarce, and population growth is increasing demand. Does that mean wars are more likely? Not necessarily -

Coming Soon, War for Water!

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After global warming, what is the biggest problem the globe is facing now? It is water. If you want to know the seriousness of the situation just take the case of India's Cherrapunjee.

Cherrapunjee once boasted of being the ‘wettest place on earth'. Now also it gets around 40 feet of rain a year. However, Indian government is now seeking Israeli water management experts' help to manage and ret -

Land, Water And Conflict

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The world will experience a growing risk of conflicts over food, energy and water in coming years. The population rises each year by about 80 million people, with most of the increase in impoverished regions already facing environmental stress. Climate change, water scarcity and tighter oil supplies will add to the stresses. As violence increases, in new crises resembling those now underway in Da -

Africa: Shared Water Resources - Source of Conflict Or Cooperation?

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Over the past decade, numerous media and research reports have have anticipated wars over water in Africa. As far back as 1998, the Institute for Security Studies presented a research paper stating that water is "recognized as a fundamental political weapon in the Southern African region. Water will increasingly shape the international relations and security arrangements of Southern Africa."

B -

Spain sweats amid 'water wars'

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Spain is experiencing its worst drought in 40 years. Climate experts warn that the country is suffering badly from the impact of climate change and that the Sahara is slowly creeping north - into the Spanish mainland. -

Water, the future's gold?

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Attention is regularly paid to the energy crisis, especially in regards to world oil reserves -- yet water continues to be taken for granted. Brahma Chellaney, a professor of strategic studies at the Center for Policy Research in New Delhi, India, talked about averting water wars in Asia during a recent water seminar in Bali. He spoke with The Jakarta Post's Stevie Emilia about the looming threat -