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Fredericton water levels to stabilize, but other areas at risk

Posted By god in Planning and Management

Water levels are expected to stop rising in New Brunswick's capital over the next few days, but flooding will continue to threaten many communities along the Saint John River, an official with the province's Emergency Measures Organization said yesterday. -

VIrtual CAmpus In hydrology and REsources (VICAIRE)

Posted By dficklin in Hydrology

VICAIRE is an online resource dedicated to providing information for hydrologists of all levels. This is a great website to link someone that wants to learn the basics of hydrology in a short time. -

A Death Valley Stream Offers Insights Into Flooding And Climate Change

Posted By maplover in Fluid Mechanics

Death Valley may be known by its three superlatives: hottest, driest, and lowest – as in temperature, rainfall, and elevation in the United States. But it was the flow of water through the National Park that attracted Boston College Asst. Prof. of Geology and Geophysics Noah P. Snyder to the desert of eastern California. -

Biodiversity: It's In The Water

Posted By dficklin in Hydrology

What if hydrology is more important for predicting biodiversity than biology? New research challenges current thinking about biodiversity and opens up new avenues for predicting how climate change or human activity may affect biodiversity patterns. -

Developing a Prototypical Predictive Model for Beach Closings in Indiana

Posted By dficklin in Miscellaneous

A summer day at a beach along the Indiana shoreline of Lake Michigan. But is it safe to go in the water? Using the current standard procedure for deciding on whether to keep a beach open, we don't really know. Researchers at the Indiana State Geological Survey developed prototypical statistical models for predicting the need for beach closures and openings. -