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Where Catastrophic Droughts and Floods Are Bound to Happen in the U.S.

Posted By Hadian in Fluid Mechanics

Many Americans might not realize it, but the country is headed for a brutal reality check in terms of access to clean, cheap water. Climate change's amplifying effects are turning dry regions into virtual deserts and wet ones into flood zones, setting the stage for a horde of "water-related catastrophes, including extreme flooding, drought, and groundwater depletion," warn scientists at UC Irvine http://www.theatlanticcities.com -

Its Time to Set the Record Straight on Fracking

Posted By Hadian in Miscellaneous

Earlier this month, just days after voters in Colorado and Ohio went to the ballot box to protect their communities against the demonstrably dangerous oil and gas drilling process known as fracking, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell delivered a proclamation that only served to highlight just how much misguided faith the Obama administration has invested in the oil and gas industry and its quest to http://www.huffingtonpost.com -

Morocco Wheat Farmers Get Planting Relief as Rain Breaks Drought

Posted By Hadian in Hydrology

Wheat planting in Morocco is expected to accelerate after key producing areas had a fourth day of rain today, according to Mohamed Saidi, head of the country's main agricultural business federation Comader.
“These rainfalls are important, since 90 percent of farmers in Morocco rely on rainfall for irrigation,” Saidi said in a telephone interview from his office in Rabat.
Wheat planting had been http://www.bloomberg.com -

Egypt farmers fear water supply threat from Ethiopia dam

Posted By Hadian in Planning and Management

With an economy already in tatters, Egypt's farmers fear the building of an upstream Nile dam in Ethiopia could lead to water shortages and crop failures with catastrophic effects on their livelihood.
"We don't want this dam," says Saeed al-Simari, standing on his modest land in Egypt's fertile Nile Delta region.
"We want to plant our land, we need water. It's hard enough with the water we have http://www.seeddaily.com -

Daily Kos: No water, no life

Posted By Hadian in Hydrology

Some 1.2 billion people—almost one fifth of the world—live in areas of physical water scarcity, while another 1.6 billion face what can be called economic water shortage. The situation is only expected to worsen as population growth, climate change, investment and management shortfalls, and inefficient use of existing resources restrict the amount of water available to people. It is estimated tha http://www.dailykos.com -

WSJ: Water Shortages Will Cut Energy Options

Posted By Hadian in Planning and Management

As I've posted here many times, there are some real hard limits approaching for the business as usual approach to energy production. Water is one of them – conventional sources of energy, like coal and nuclear electricity – depend on access to large volumes of water.
Much hyped new technologies of fracking for natural gas and shale oil also assume massive quantities of water are available – even http://climatecrocks.com -

There is no way to stop Fukushima radioactive water leaking into the Pacific

Posted By Hadian in Miscellaneous

The rate at which contaminated water has been pouring into the Pacific Ocean from the disabled Fukushima nuclear plant is worse than previously thought, an Industry Ministry official said Wednesday as PM Shinzo Abe pledged to step up efforts to halt the crisis. The Voice of Russia contacted Arnold Gundersen, founder and president of Fairewinds Associates, to discuss the crisis and its possible so http://fairewinds.org -

Smart Water Grid — As Important As Smart Energy Grid

Posted By Hadian in Planning and Management

The water services division of ACCIONA, a global renewable energy, infrastructure and water services group, will build the system “as part of a European project that aims to apply new technologies to the management of drinking water networks.”
Its benefits will parallel those for “smart grid” electricity projects, including real-time detection of underwater leaks (so they can be repaired more qu http://blogs.sap.com -

Analysis: Telling secrets to stop burning natural gas in U.S. fracking boom

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That is what is motivating Continental Resources Inc, the biggest player in North Dakota's prolific Bakken shale field, to take the unusual step of sharing its long-term drilling plans with pipeline companies.
The company, led by the legendary wildcatter Harold Hamm, hopes the disclosures will speed up the routing of new pipelines that connect to its fields and ultimately reduce the controversia http://www.reuters.com -