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Published News

Water In Crisis - Spotlight Africa: Rural and Urban Issues

Posted By Kondwani in Planning and Management

Africa faces huge challenges with multiple issues that adversely affect public health. One major challenge is the ability for both rural and urban Africans to access a clean water supply. According to the WHO (2006), only 59% of the world's population had access to adequate sanitation systems, and efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goal, which is aiming for 75% by the year 2015, will f http://thewaterproject.org -

Progress towards the child mortality millennium development goal in urban sub-Saharan Africa: the dynamics of population

Posted By Kondwani in Water Quality


Improvements in child survival have been very poor in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Since the 1990s, declines in child mortality have reversed in many countries in the region, while in others, they have either slowed or stalled, making it improbable that the target of reducing child mortality by two thirds by 2015 will be reached. This paper highlights the implications of urban populati http://www.biomedcentral.com -

Measurements of water dissipation and water use efficiency at the canopy level in a peach orchard

Posted By Kondwani in Planning and Management

Water deficit is the main limiting factor for agricultural production in the dry regions of northern China. Previous studies on water–plant relationships in fruit trees have focused mainly on ecological, physiological and molecular responses to water stress at the leaf or tree-scale; few equivalent studies have been conducted at the ecosystem-scale. In this study, we monitored water vapour exchan http://ac.els-cdn.com -

Cost-effectiveness analysis of water-saving irrigation technologies based on climate change response: A case study of Ch

Posted By Kondwani in Planning and Management

This study provides a cost-effectiveness analysis of four water-saving irrigation techniques that are widely implemented in China to address the impacts of climate change: sprinkler irrigation, micro-irrigation, low-pressure pipe irrigation and channel lining. The aim is to thoroughly understand the economic feasibility of water-saving irrigation as an approach to coping with climate change. Base http://ac.els-cdn.com -

Adapting to a changing climate

Posted By Kondwani in Planning and Management

By way of a medical analogy, adapting to the impacts of climate change has been compared with treating the symptoms of the climate 'problem' without addressing its underlying causes. Although we can probably all agree that tackling causes is the preferable approach, in principal, the analogy is perhaps a stronger one than was originally intended because all too often potentially avoidable health http://www.readcube.com -

Assessing the scientific relevance of a single publication over time

Posted By Kondwani in Miscellaneous

Quantitatively assessing the scientific relevance of a research paper is challenging for two reasons. Firstly, scientific relevance may change over time, and secondly, it is unclear how to evaluate a recently published paper. The temporally averaged paper-specific impact factor is defined as the yearly average of citations to the paper until now including bonus citations equal to the journal impa http://www.sajs.co.za -

Water Resources Assessment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Prediction in Ungauged and Data Scarce Basins

Posted By Kondwani in Planning and Management

Sub-Saharan countries have limited financial, human and technical resources for developing and
maintaining hydrometric networks that can provide data for sustainable water resources assessment (required for planning, design and management). Whereas the needs for hydrological information are increasing, the number of meteorological and hydrological stations in Africa have been declining during http://www.cap-net.org -


Posted By Kondwani in Planning and Management

River basin rainfall series and extensive river flow records are used to characterise and
improve understanding of spatial and temporal variability in sub-Saharan African (SSA) water
resources during the last century. Nine major international river basins (comprising ~32% of
SSA's area), chosen primarily for their long good quality flow records are examined. A range of
statistical descrip http://tyndall.ac.uk -

The impact of the green economy on jobs in South Africa

Posted By Kondwani in Planning and Management

The concept of the green economy has moved beyond the boundaries of environmental economics and into mainstream politics and business in response to the dual problems of global climate change and the economic crisis.1 It is argued that a green economy will enable environmentally friendly economic and employment growth on the same, or a greater, scale than current environmentally unsustainable gro http://www.sajs.co.za -