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Published News

List of missing Colorado flood victims down to just one

Posted By Milad in Miscellaneous

The list of people still missing in the devastating Colorado floods dwindled to one person on Tuesday, a woman who is presumed dead, after six others once among the hundreds unaccounted for notified authorities that they were alive and well. The surprise emergence of the six additional survivors comes after a 46-year-old man, who was earlier thought to have been killed, turned up safe on Monday, -

Thai provinces hit by floods, authorities say industry safe

Posted By Milad in Miscellaneous

Nine people have died and more than 1 million have been affected by flooding in Thailand, officials said on Wednesday, but authorities offered assurances that floodwaters would not reach central industrial areas and near Bangkok as in 2011. Widespread floods in 2011 killed more than 800 people and caused massive disruption to industry, cutting economic growth that year to just 0.1 percent. -

Colorado floodwaters menace states $41 billion agriculture sector

Posted By Milad in Miscellaneous

Colorado farmers and ranchers are bracing for widespread damage to the agriculture industry, one of the state's leading economic engines, from deadly floodwaters that already have caused property losses estimated at nearly $2 billion. The main concern is for the state's No. 1 cash crop, corn, which yields between 140 million and 180 million bushels annually, most of it for cattle feed, according -

London super sewer should be scrapped in favour of cheaper projects | Business | The Guardian

Posted By Milad in Water Quality

The London super sewer should be abandoned in favour of smaller, cheaper projects to clean up the Thames, according to a veteran water regulator.

Thames Water, the UK's largest water company, wants to build a £4.2bn, 16-mile (25km) sewer from Acton to Abbey Mills to stop raw sewage flooding into the Thames during heavy rains. But Sir Ian Byatt, the director general of Ofwat from 1989 to 2000, -

Canadian Natural told to drain Alberta lake due to oil sands leak

Posted By Milad in Water Quality

Canadian Natural Resources Ltd has been ordered to drain a lake on the site of its northern Alberta oil sands project so that contamination on the lake's bottom, from a leak that has been spilling tar-like bitumen for months, can be cleaned up. The province of Alberta's environment department issued an environmental protection order on Tuesday that compels the company to drain a two-thirds of the -

Mega-mines will have to comply with tough water trigger law: Greg Hunt | Environment |

Posted By Milad in Water Quality

Huge coalmines proposed by Clive Palmer and a company co-owned by Gina Rinehart are among 47 projects that the new environment minister, Greg Hunt, has determined must comply with tough new federal rules about their impact on water, under laws enacted in the dying days of the former Labor government. -

Conflicting reporting systems may hinder companies water risk strategies | Guardian Sustainable Business | Guardian Professional

Posted By Milad in Miscellaneous

Water risks such as floods, scarcity and pollution are increasingly chipping into corporate bottom lines. The financial sector is taking notice – and taking action.

Calvert Investments asked HanesBrands to evaluate its losses from cotton-supply shortages due to the 2011 US drought, determining that the company lost $5.2bn. Trillium Asset Management is now asking companies in its portfolio to f -

Leading climate change scientist brands sceptics irrational

Posted By Milad in Miscellaneous

Climate change sceptics who claim the dangers of global warming are small and far-off are "unscientific" and "irrational", and should not dissuade governments from tackling rapidly rising greenhouse gas emissions, the author of the world's landmark review of economics and climate change said. Lord Nicolas Stern told the Guardian: "It is astonishing, irrational and unscientific to suggest the risk -

Airlines urge UN to back deal to curb emissions

Posted By Milad in Miscellaneous

Airlines on Monday urged a UN aviation group to back a mandatory global framework to curb airline emissions, saying failure to reach a deal would revive threats of a trade war. The International Air Transport Association, which represents some 200 airlines, said the United Nations' aviation agency could agree on a new system when its 191 states begin their assembly in Montreal this week. The UN's -