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Published News

That Sinking Feeling: Rising Sea Level Isn't Cities' Only Water Worry

Posted By Ryan13 in Fluid Mechanics , Hydrogeology , Planning and Management

Some of the world’s expanding coastal cities face a two-pronged threat involving water: Sticking giant straws into the ground to suck up freshwater can cause the ground below to sink at the same time that sea levels are rising.

That interplay between subsiding land and rising seas highlights an underappreciated risk in global climate change, according to scientists.

It’s not known how many people live on coastal lands that are sinking due to excessive groundwater pumping, but about 150 million live within 3.3 feet of today's high-tide mark. And the worst-case scenario for sea level rise by the end of this century is nearly six feet, according to a recent study. http://www.nbcnews.com -

Why I’m marching: Irish water protesters speak

Posted By Ryan13 in Planning and Management , Miscellaneous

Demonstrators explain their views and why they are taking to the streets:

“This protest is not about water charges. We pay water charges already. This protest is about Irish Water."

“I have concerns about the health risks associated with radiation from the smart meters but as well as that there is no way I am paying for dirty water and the water is still bad up where we are.”

“I know the Government have backtracked but I can’t afford to pay for water and I’m not going to pay for water when Irish Water is going to be privatised."

“Our water is not for sale and I will not be supporting a private company and I have no intention of giving them my PPS number.” http://www.irishtimes.com -

Blue Gold : World Water Wars (video)

Posted By Ryan13 in Planning and Management

Wars of the future will be fought over water as they are over oil today, as the source of human survival enters the global marketplace and political arena. Corporate giants, private investors, and corrupt governments vie for control of our dwindling supply, prompting protests, lawsuits, and revolutions from citizens fighting for the right to survive. Past civilizations have collapsed from poor water management. Can the human race survive? https://www.youtube.com -

Board game wakens Delta islanders on flood risks | California WaterBlog

Posted By Ryan13 in Miscellaneous

The goal of SimBethel is to upgrade the levee around Bethel Island to the highest safety standard. Players are responsible for their own levee section. They can upgrade their section out-of-pocket or build houses to generate revenue for improvements. However, without development it is almost impossible to win; there is not enough revenue generated to strengthen the levee. Players have to find a b http://californiawaterblog.com -

Assessing CO2 sequestration, engineering, environmental and economic issues related to coal-to-liquid plans

Posted By Ryan13 in Miscellaneous

This study used a variety of approaches to augment our understanding of how specific geologic, engineering, environmental and economic factors in Interior Alaska may impact decisions regarding implementation of alternative energy sources available to the community. The specific alternative energy source under investigation, a coal-to-liquids (CTL) plant proposed for Eielson Air Force base outside http://heesa.cece.ucf.edu -

A Stochastic Multi-Attribute Assessment of Energy Options for Fairbanks, Alaska

Posted By Ryan13 in Planning and Management

This work uses a suite of multi-criteria decision-making, social-choice, and fallback bargaining (game theory) methods to demonstrate how different methods can lead to different alternative selection outcomes, and also
provides a robust solution by aggregating the results from each method into a single score. http://heesa.cece.ucf.edu -

Climate Change Effects On The High-Elevation Hydropower System in California

Posted By Ryan13 in Planning and Management

While only about 30 percent of California's usable water storage capacity lies at higher elevations, high‐elevation hydropower units generate, on average, 74 percent of California's in‐state hydroelectricity. In general, high‐elevation plants have small man‐made reservoirs and rely mainly on snowpack. Their low built‐in storage capacity is a concern with regard to climate warming. Snowmelt is exp http://heesa.cece.ucf.edu -

Stochastic Fuzzy Assessment for Managing Hydro-Environmental Systems under Uncertainty and Ambiguity

Posted By Ryan13 in Planning and Management

This paper develops a stochastic fuzzy decision making method to solve a class of decision making problems which involve simultaneous uncertainty and ambiguity when screening water resources management alternatives. In these analyses, not only the performance value with respect to a specific criterion in a given alternative is uncertain, but also the performance implications of the given alternat http://heesa.cece.ucf.edu -

BJECC: Response of California Summer Hydroelectricity Generation to Spring Temperature

Posted By Ryan13 in Hydrogeology

Regions depending on winter snowpack for hydroelectricity generation may be adversely affected if spring temperatures increase. An inverse relationship between spring temperature and summer hydroelectricity generation is complicated by changing statistical properties of the variables involved. We use simple approaches to quantify, within broad limits, the effect of a change in spring temperature http://heesa.cece.ucf.edu -