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Published News

Total Renewable Water Resources per capita by Country

Posted By Waterlover in Hydrology , Planning and Management

This map shows total renewable water resources per capita by country. Current world total renewable water resources: ~24,776 m³ (cu m)/inhabitant/year ( 24,776,000 liters for each person ) http://chartsbin.com -

'Disaster' in Maldives as capital suffers water crisis

Posted By Waterlover in Planning and Management

India and Sri Lanka airlifted drinking water to the Maldives after a fire at a desalination plant led to severe shortages and triggered unrest on the streets of the honeymoon islands' capital.

Authorities declared a "disaster situation" after the fire on Thursday led to a drinking water crisis on the main island of Male, one of the world's most densely populated capitals.

Much of the capital was still without drinking water Friday and local media reported that angry residents fought and attacked shops that rationed mineral water, while hotels in Male said supplies were rapidly running o http://www.dailymail.co.uk -

Giant Ancient Roman Water Basin Uncovered

Posted By Waterlover in Miscellaneous

Italian archaeologists have unearthed the largest Roman water basin ever found, right in the heart of modern Rome.

Found some 65 feet down near St. John in Lateran Basilica during the excavation of the new metro C line, the huge irrigation basin measures 115 feet by 230 feet.

“It’s so big that it goes beyond the perimeter of the metro work site. It has not been possible to uncover it completely,” Rossella Rea, the dig’s director, said at a news conference in Rome. http://news.discovery.com -

World Toilet Day: These images should break the internet but they probably won't

Posted By Waterlover in Water Quality

Globally, 526 million women are forced to go to the toilet in the open – often facing physical threats and violence as they are forced to wait until after dark before leaving their houses.

In India around 818 million people defecate in public. In the Congo around 72 per cent of the population do not have access to an indoor toilet, while 80 per cent of Ethiopians, roughly 71 million people, also defecate outside. http://www.independent.co.uk -

Changes of Virtual Water Trades between Continents Over Time (Infographics)

Posted By Waterlover in Hydrology , Planning and Management , Miscellaneous

This interesting figure shows how the virtual water trades between continents have changed from 1986 to 2007. http://news.princeton.edu -

Dying for a Drink (Water Infographic)

Posted By Waterlover in Hydrology , Planning and Management , Water Quality , Miscellaneous

This infographic shows how water is used by different sectors around the globe and where in the world people have access to clean drinking water. http://www.nature.com -