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Peter H. Gleick: 16 Water Recommendations for the Next President

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Dear Mr. President,

Congratulations on winning approval from the American people to serve as leader of the United States for the next four years. We know you have a lot on your plate. But among the issues that deserve prompt attention from you and senior members of your administration is that of freshwater.

Safe and adequate freshwater resources are central to the economy, foreign policy, a -

39th Fryday Poll - Is The Global Water Crisis Real?

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Water is an essential for mankind to survive. At first, the global water crisis may seem rather insignificant. Over 71% of the earth's surface is covered by seas, oceans, and other water bodies. But when we stop to consider that less than 2.5% of this water is freshwater, we may start to see why water is a precious commodity. Of this freshwater, over 70% forms the ice and snow cover of mountains -

NRC Report: Challenges and Opportunities in the Hydrologic Sciences

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New research opportunities to advance hydrologic sciences promise a better understanding of the role of water in the Earth system that could help improve human welfare and the health of the environment. Reaching this understanding will require both exploratory research to better understand how the natural environment functions, and problem-driven research, to meet needs such as flood protection, -

Towards Computing with Water Droplets – Superhydrophobic Droplet Logic - Aalto University

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Researchers in Aalto University have developed a new concept for computing, using water droplets as bits of digital information. This was enabled by the discovery that upon collision with each other on a highly water-repellent surface, two water droplets rebound like billiard balls.

In the work, published in the journal Advanced Materials, the researchers experimentally determined the conditio -