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Published News

Water: Think Again | Kaveh Madani | TEDxKish

Posted By britneyg in Hydrology , Planning and Management , Miscellaneous

The future war could be about water. In this great TEDx talk, Kaveh Madani discusses the possibility of water wars in the future and our opportunities to prevent them. Based on his discussion, the fact that water is linked to many other resources and issues (food, dignity, energy, independence, etc) provides opportunities for trades and cooperation. He discusses how he uses game theory and gaming to study and analyze water conflicts and presents his personal experiences and surprises in Africa where he found that theory does not necessarily support reality. -

California drought: Almond growers fight back over reports they are causing chronic water shortages

Posted By britneyg in Planning and Management

As California descends ever deeper into a potentially devastating drought, with residents facing unprecedented demands to cut water use, everybody is looking for somebody else to blame. But perhaps the most high-profile scapegoat in the parched Golden State is not a somebody but a something: the highly nutritious, increasingly notorious almond.

California grows 80 per cent of the world’s almonds, but it is two other widely reported statistics that have caused controversy: cultivating a single thirsty almond takes more than a gallon of water, and almonds alone account for almost 10 per cent -

Farming on Water to Prevent the Effects of Climate Change: The Floating Gardens of Bangladesh

Posted By britneyg in Miscellaneous

Climate change threatens to worsen the severity and duration of floods in low-lying Bangladesh.

Floating farms — and produce that can flourish in flood conditions — are a way to help Bangladeshis live with rising waters. -

Water consumption down in U.S., study finds, but Northwest residents' use above average

Posted By britneyg in Planning and Management

Water usage dropped 13 percent since 2005, the lowest since 1970, a study finds. Idaho was listed as leading the nation in water usage. -

A Heart Risk in Drinking Water (The New York Times)

Posted By britneyg in Water Quality

It’s a position supported by a growing cohort of researchers and clinical cardiologists, who worry that environmental exposures generally are an underestimated risk in heart disease. The most troubling are thought to be air pollution, metallic elements like arsenic, and heavy metals such as cadmium and lead.

The growing interest in metallic compounds has led to a new understanding of how materials do harm on a cellular level. Arsenic may not be a heavy metal, but it shares some similarities, including the ability to cause free radical damage to cells, stressing delicate blood vessels and thickening arterial walls. -

California Water Plan (Update 2013)

Posted By britneyg in Planning and Management

Update 2013 California Water Plan is final.
Update 2013 is designed to work in tandem, and help implement, the Governor’s Water Action Plan. The online release includes the Highlights booklet which outlines California’s strategic water roadmap. -