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Published News

Groundwater, the Hidden Resource

Posted By goopsgoops in Hydrology

Water is essential to human, plant, and animal survival. From huge cities to tiny villages, about 50% of the world’s population depends on groundwater every day.
So what’s the problem? Well, while groundwater is the most abundant source of fresh water on earth, it remains a hidden resource. We often know where to locate it, but what really keeps it “hidden” is the limited amount of data on its availability, quantity and quality. In other words: we often have insufficient real insight in the water below.
Now it’s time to uncover the mysteries behind the great resource of groundwater! -

Will the water last in California?

Posted By goopsgoops in Hydrogeology , Planning and Management

California's 21st century version of the gold rush is a rush for water. As new regulations approach, people are waiting months -- even years -- to get new water wells drilled." -

12 ways communities will have to adapt to handle climate change

Posted By goopsgoops in Planning and Management , Miscellaneous

Climate change is making both droughts and flood more frequent and severe. Whether your area is suffering from too much water or too little, here are things you can do to adapt. -

Walter Lewin's Interesting Lecture on Hydrostatics, Archimedes' Principle and Fluid Dynamics @MIT (Video)

Posted By goopsgoops in Fluid Mechanics

Concepts covered in this lecture include Hydrostatics, Archimedes' Principle, Fluid Dynamics, What makes your Boat Float?, and Bernoulli's Equation -

How old is Earth's water? You'll be surprised

Posted By goopsgoops in Hydrology , Miscellaneous

The Earth could have been a wet water planet a hundred million years earlier than previously thought, researchers say. Findings could have implications for when life on our planet got started, they say. -

An interactive map of 50,000 water rights held in California

Posted By goopsgoops in Planning and Management , Miscellaneous

A water right is a granted permission to withdraw water from a river, stream, or ground water source for a "reasonable" and "beneficial" use.

Currently, water rights holders claim they divert in aggregate approximately 250 million acre feet of water each year.

California receives 71 million acre feet yearly from rain. (200 MAFY before evaporation) -

Weekly Water News Summary (25 - 31 October 2014) @WaterWired

Posted By goopsgoops in Fluid Mechanics , Hydrogeology , Hydrology , Planning and Management , Water Quality , Miscellaneous

Here is WaterWired's summary of tweets on water resources news, events, jobs, positions, .... (25 - 31 October 2014). -